About me

I am a first-year PhD student at University of Amsterdam, jointly in Amsterdam Business School and MultiX lab in Informatics Institute. I luckily get business-related supervision from Dr. Monika Kackovic and Prof. dr. Nachoem Wijnberg, and technical supervision from Dr. Stevan Rudinac and Prof. dr. Marcel Worring. My research focuses on Business Theory Driven Multimedia (Hyper)graph learning, and its applications in the Cultural Industry and Science

Before starting my PhD, I completed my Master degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam (Cum Laude), with my thesis on sign language processing supervised by Dr. Eric Nalisnick. I was also an AI intern at Shell Technology Center and a research assistant on Computer graphics.


Active Learning for Multilingual Fingerspelling Corpora

Shuai Wang, Eric Nalisnick, ICML workshop: Adaptive Experimental Design and Active Learning in the Real World, 2022. [pdf]

Paint4Poem: A Dataset for Artistic Visualization of Classical Chinese Poems

Dan Li, Shuai Wang, Jie Zou, Chang Tian, Elisha Nieuwburg, Fengyuan Sun, Evangelos Kanoulas, arXiv, 2021. [pdf]